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Who We Are

Since 2001, Little Red’s has been offering premium drinking water solutions to workplaces through the use of filtration systems. These systems are assembled and maintained by our certified technicians, and dramatically reduce inefficiencies, overhead costs, and ecological footprints.


Installing standard water systems can often result in units that are too big (therefore expensive) or too small (unable to do the job), and can include lots of extra accessories that require additional storage space. Little Red’s eliminates these factors by providing completely customized installations and all inclusive systems. Little Red’s filtration systems are unique in that they are custom tailored to individual workplaces.


Your business is important to you, and it’s important to us. We value each and every one of our clients, and want to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Prior to any installation, one of our certified technicians will set up a meeting with you to discuss any concerns, special limitations, and overall workplace requirements. This ensures we get a proper feel for what you really need.

Our promise is consistently fresh tasting water. This means making sure water quality meets specification, filters are in good shape, and waterlines remain clean. Although built to last, Little Red’s products can crack or break due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances. The good news is Little Red’s guarantees replacement of any component, and all our systems are under full warranty.

We keep track of your maintenance visit dates so you don’t have to. Have a particular day/time of the week that works best for you? No problem. We can set up consistent schedules for your business so it’s always the same, and you don’t have to try and fit it in. We take the guesswork out.

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