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What some of our customers are saying...

It is without hesitation that I recommend the services of Little Red's Filtration. Their service is prompt, friendly, and no-nonsense. We dealt with larger companies for years and it seemed that every scheduled service would turn into an opportunity to sell us another gadget or to replace an otherwise functioning system. I appreciate the good service we receive from Little Red's and the simplicity and transparency of the invoicing.

- Clinton Connell

Eagle West Crane & Rigging

Valerie McDowell from Little Red's Filtration has serviced FlexiForce's water filters since she took over the account in March 2013. She also serviced our account when she was with Just One Drop.

Whenever Valerie has visited FlexiForce, we have found her to be professional and competent. She gets the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. Valerie is very knowledgable about the filters and required services, and communicates clearly on any recommendations. FlexiForce has been very satisfied with the level of service provided by Little Red's Filtration.

- Jackie Webster

FlexiForce Canada Inc.

Thank you Little Red's Filtration! We are very pleased with the change from bottled water to a plumbed in water filtration system. Space is at a premium, and now we no longer need to set aside a separate room to store the unsightly clutter of full or empty water bottles.

We are happy that the staff no longer needs to lift 50lb bottles and carry them up stairs. Eliminating this risk of injury and possible WCB claims (which can be costly) puts our mind at ease, and improves our safety at our workplace.

We now enjoy an endless supply of clean filtered water, especially in summer when our 50 or more installers need to fill up their containers to take to job sites where clean drinking water is not always available. It is so important for our installers to stay properly hydrated.


Thanks again Valerie!

- Brent Coleman

Beatty Floors Ltd.

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